At our first wiki meeting, we realized that there needs to be some sort of consistency and authority control (if you will) when many members are adding content to the same space. Here are some of the protocols that we have agreed upon:

  • When creating new sections or new pages in the wiki, please email the members first using Google Groups to get everyone's opinion and feedback.
  • Any time you want to bring a certain section to the attention of the members, use Google Groups to alert everyone to where and how they should participate on the wiki and if there are any deadlines.
  • Whenever you create a new page or project or survey, please add a little explanation at the top of the page that will help members understand exactly how they should participate and what kinds of information you are looking for.

For example:
I would like to know what everyone's favorite periodicals are and would like to generate this information into one place on the wiki. First, I would email everyone to see if they like this idea. Once everyone responds and agrees upon where this new info should appear in the wiki, then I go ahead and create the new page including a brief explanation at the top of the page that says that I want the title, ISSN, age group and your name included on the page (for instance). Once it is ready to be seen by the members, I notify the members on Google Groups that I would like them to add their information before summer vacation.

  • Because of compatibility and accessibility issues, when you upload a file/document please save it as a PDF (if you don't want any one to copy and paste the information) or Rich Text Format (to allow readers to copy and paste and access embedded hyperlinks).
  • As a test, I have uploaded the same document three times on the Meeting Minutes page. Once as a word document, once as a PDF and once as a Rich Text Format. Please play with these formats and let us know what you were able to access.